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How to Start your Website and Monetize it - Rupam - 09-20-2011 03:46 PM

A step by step guide of online business, website development, Publicity, Advertisement, managing website, Hosting and everything that you need to know about E-Entrepreneurship.

Type of Web Based Projects and Works ( What are different types of Websites?) - Rupam - 09-20-2011 03:49 PM

Quote:1. Building a Content Management Website
Wiki, Articles, Blogs, Photos and Videos, News Item, Micro Blog, Documents, Source Code etc

To Integrate various Social Networking Plugin ( Example Login through Facebook)
Content Access Control ( Which type of User can access which type of Contents)
Comment Integration
Search Engine Optimization
Organic Groups

2. Building a Service

Say for example you have developed a Novel Idea. You can find area based food preference of people. You can make a Webservice. Other sites will call the functions of this web service. Something similar to APIs as you commonly Know
3. Bulletin Boards
A bulletin Board is a Forum as digitalpoint Forum. Well you can build a unique forum with your workflow.
4. E-commerce Website
This are the sites purely for purchasing and selling of goods online. they have
Payment Gateway
Showcase System
Social Integration
Blogs about the Items in the Showcase
5. SAS ( Or Software as a Service)
These are basically websites that are build so that other can access it's services. For example a Learning Management system: That will have professor privilege, student privilege, Gradebooks, Quiz, Marks System, Sharing of E-books and kind of stuff like that. So basically colleges will purchase a license and give account to professors. Students under him can join from free and take the services.
Website for Direct marketing that can be used by any direct marketing company. Data will be there in your server. many companies can access your services without disturbing each others data.
6. Application for Other Sites
Like Twitter, Facebook apps. So you basically take the data from these sites and write algorithm to utilize that data into some helpful or interesting things.

What type of Websites can I make? What type of Sites can earn more money - Rupam - 09-20-2011 03:51 PM

How do I decide what type of website is worthy? Whether I should run a Bulletin Board or Should I run a CMS? This is another common question. Therefore I will try to answer this question in the easiest way out. "How really to decide?"

First thing of your project is to select a Niche. Niche are the subject of the websites. Many people give you advice like " First search in search engines. Find the better paid keywords and build your site on those niches". No absolutely no. First ask yourself what you are good at. Find out the topics that drive you crazy. Find out the topics where you are sort of specialist. Like, you can answer a few questions asked by your friends and people around you. If that subject drives you crazy than, you sure are for that Niche.

Remember: A Website can not be run purely taking into consideration of How much money you can make. Sure you can build a website around phrases that draws more search engine traffic, but you will never succeed to make it that great of a site, simply because you can not give input or insight to the site.

Bottom-line: Build a site around a subject or Niche that you know well or that brings sparks in you!Example: music, movies, science, garden, pets, Sports, News etc.

But before you jump into building the site on that Niche, do some homework. If you want people to visit your site, there should be some reasons right? There might already be hundred of websites around with good content on that subject. Then why people come to your site?

Search that phrase in google. Find out other related Sites on that subject. Make a note of their look, services, organization of the sites. Register in few of those sites to understand the site from end user's perspective.

Do you found anything missing there that you might want?If so find out all those points. Your primary objective will be to build a site that offers the missing stuff that you wanted! Again before you jump into building a site with that, just see if those things that are 'missing' according to your perspective is really desired by large audience or not.

Now we are in the right track. You know the objective of the site, the type of content, the type of services and also type of that you get for your site. And that is the first thing you need to ensure before you think of making money.With this understanding we will go to next part, selecting the tool/technology for building your site. (Remember you have not talked about adSense yet. But what mistakes you do not make initially, attributes to what success you get later on). And You can earn money only on a site build on your area of expertise or interest. Make this a thumb rule.

Site Design Essentials - Rupam - 09-20-2011 03:52 PM

So you are done with the theme, niche of the site. Now you get a domain and start building the site. It is important to have a domain of yours rather than creating a blog in other domain.
While designing the site, never copy the style of another site. Imagine what could be best from end user's perspective and follow your mind. Design should be elegant and unique or attractive. But never make the site Flashy. Test the design with some post. Check readability. once design is ok with you, you are ready for the next challenge.

Write Content. Writing contents is most important part of the website. Never be in a Hurry to copy paste other site's contents and just change couple of starting sentences to get going with it. Take time, write your own content and proof read it. It is important to proof read. check typos and grammar. Basic things , but real important things.

Be ready with some five articles minimum to start with. Publish them and go online. Your site is live now with all the pre-requisites.
It is time to submit the site to search engines.

I will cover the keyword stuffing and how actually search engine algorithms works these days in another post. Because you have still not applied for AdSense or any ad program and this is your initial site, you must concentrate on the contents of the site rather than anything.

Also keep provision for sharing your articles in social media and for your viewers to leave their comments. once you start appearing in the search engine, it is time for the real stuff. The "monetizing" and hard business tricks. Just keep reading and I will share the best practices and techniques with which you can earn. The truths behind link buildings, SEO, forum participation, traffic increase, Keyword stuffing.... But for Now Have a happy earning and time with your web project.

RE: How to Start your Website and Monetize it - anoopthefriend - 10-24-2011 03:56 AM

This is Awesome! Totally into it! Hyped 100%!

RE: How to Start your Website and Monetize it - vinil - 11-22-2011 03:36 PM

OMG!! whatever you have written likes a movie is running in front of my eyes.Every point is conceptual and easy as well but the thing is we usually forget to do so .thanks for kind remembrance to all users

RE: How to Start your Website and Monetize it - vinil - 01-16-2012 07:56 PM

but i am consused about what to initiate now ?How can i go out of this confusion .i just know java

RE: How to Start your Website and Monetize it - Rupam - 01-16-2012 08:12 PM

(01-16-2012 07:56 PM)vinil Wrote:  but i am consused about what to initiate now ?How can i go out of this confusion .i just know java
You dont really have to know any programming language to proceed. Basic knowledge of PHP and MySql is fine. You can start with wordpress. You can develop a site using wordpress in 5 minutes.

RE: How to Start your Website and Monetize it - puffgamefriv - 03-31-2012 02:56 AM

i like it 100%

RE: How to Start your Website and Monetize it - Rupam - 08-04-2012 03:33 PM

Wordpress is the easiest one. If you love programming and decent coding than go for Drupal. For a Forum like stuff mybb is the best