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FIFA 17 fancy action teaching (part 1) - fifacoinsbuy - 04-17-2017 05:42 PM

"FIFA" series of SM has always been a major feature of the game, but with the "FIFA17" on the fancy of the substantial weakening, many have been easy to use moves are now into the limbo, plus pass the ball and the ball ultra-stable , fifa coins Many 0 fancy players can also hard on the D1, but in the week to want to get a higher record or kick more cool, fancy action is a compulsory course, the following simple chat fancy action practical ranking I hope everyone likes it.

1, the bottom of the ball pull the ball (Ball Roll)

This fancy action is simple, practical, the most powerful is the subsequent seamless connection to other SM, can achieve a strong deceptive.

Common combination of technology: Ball Roll + crab step, fifa 17 coins Ball Roll two batter, Ball Roll + nitrogen acceleration instantaneous change, Ball Roll + in situ fake stop ball.

2, body feather (Body Feint)

This fancy operation requires a certain amount of practice, skilled after the very practical, second only to Ball Roll, Body Feint advantage lies in this fancy operation of the opponent is difficult to steal the ball, forced to grab is likely to cause foul. And Body Feint follow the ball the direction of the opponent can not be determined, if the opposite grab, often a Body Feint Reverse throw off the opponent.

Body Feint Reverse + R1 Backward Body, Body Feint + Body False, Body Feint + Baba Turned, Body Feint + Continuous Ride.

3, false shot
4 or more best, this fancy operation is extremely simple, according to different fancy stars, the actual effect is different.

Practical action: the ball forward when the false shot in place to stop the ball, 4 stars in situ wipe ball false shot, 5 star anti-direction flowers to stop the ball false shot, 5 star V word pull the ball false shot.

Common combination of technology: stop ball false + nitrogen to accelerate the change, stop the ball false shot + ball false shot, wipe false shot + Beiba turned, wiping false shot + nitrogen accelerated change, wipe false shot + mirror lake Roundabout, floral fake shot + in situ air tail.

4, Beiba turned / McGrady turned (Stop And Turn Left \ Right)

This fancy is 3 stars and 4 stars one of the most important difference, but also frontcourt players must SM, sidewalks when the ball was very useful when the Beiba turned, the middle of the road when the sudden use of a sudden strong deceptive, this flower The advantage is that you can change the direction of the ball 90 degrees, high-speed ball can also be used when the opponent will not easily grab on the shortcomings of SM is longer, easy to be seen through the opponent.

Common combination of technology: Beiba turned + nitrogen to speed up, Beiba turned + pendulum in place to stop the ball, McGee said turned in situ fake stop ball, McGee di turned two batter, McGee di turn + mirror lake roundabout.