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2026 World Cup 48 quota allocation announced
04-14-2017, 02:08 PM
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2026 World Cup 48 quota allocation announced
UEFA have made it clear that they want to increase the number of European teams to 16 teams, and dispersed to the first stage of the 16 team, to ensure that each team has the opportunity to qualify for the top 32.
Previously, FIFA has announced that the 2026 World Cup will be expanded to 48 teams, the first stage is divided into 16 groups, each group of 3 teams, and then decide the top two round of 32. The total number of the game than the existing system more than 16 games, but the final champion is still only played 7. In the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, a total of a total of 13 European teams participated in the final finals week, and finally won by the German team.
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It is reported that FIFA will be in May this year to determine the quota allocation of new places on the continent. UEFA president Chefe Lin made the proposal in Nyon the UEFA Executive Committee, and by all members. Chefe Linzhou four said: "we believe that Europe requires 16 places for the competition is a reality, and every European teams are divided into different groups, and if we play well, I think the 16 European teams can qualify."
BBC disclosed that the UEFA executive committee meeting and a number of other resolutions, including restrictions on UEFA president and executive committee members can only serve as the 3 session (every 4 years), to ensure the transparency of the UEFA president election process.
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2026 World Cup finals quota allocation proposals for all continents:
Asia: 8 seats;
Africa: 9 seats;
North America and the Caribbean: 6 seats;
South America: 6 seats;
Europe: 16 seats;
Oceania: 1 seats;
Additional tournament proposal:
1, in addition to UEFA, the other five continents by FIFA decide a team, plus a ball on the host where the continents in the playoffs;
2, the 6 teams in accordance with the FIFA rankings to elect the 2 seed team, directly qualify for the final stage of the match, while the non seed teams will be the 22 showdown between the winner and the seed team to compete for places to qualify for the tournament;
3, the tournament will be held in host countries.
The host will automatically receive a race seat, directly participating places which will occupy the continents. According to FIFA's vision, the 2026 World Cup will be held in the World Cup held in the country in November 2025 as a test of the world cup. fifa 17 monedas ps4

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