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Report: Janoris Jenkins could be facing season-ending injury
11-28-2017, 06:29 PM
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Report: Janoris Jenkins could be facing season-ending injury
Giants cornerback Janoris Jenkins, could be shut down and undergo ankle surgery., who has played the past two months with a debilitating ankle injury that has limited his ability to cut and change direction

The ankle has hindered Jenkins for roughly the past eight weeks, and it clearly has impacted his play., according to sources

Jenkins has shut down the opposing No. 1 wide receiver and he has intercepted two passes over that two-game span. One of those interceptions was returned for a touchdown.,Jenkins has turned his game up another level since being called out for his effort by some media members covering the New York Giants. In the two games since returning from his one-game suspension

Recap: It was the second meeting of the season with the Cincinnati Bengals and the Browns were looking to end a six-game losing streak to their intrastate and divisional rivals. Instead, Hue Jackson’s club lost to this AFC North rivals for the second time in nine weeks The Browns actually played turnover-free football, Jackson’s team didn’t reach the end zone until there was 6:57 remaining in the contest. The losing streak is now 12 straight games and counting., good news for a team that has coughed up the football 28 times in their first 10 contests. But despite rolling up 405 total yards against the Cincinnati defense

Cleveland owns a 1-26 record dating back to the start of 2016 – that lone victory against the Bolts at home a year ago in Week 16.,Next Week: “Come out to the coast. We’ll have a few laughs.” So will the Browns pull of a road win over the Los Angeles Chargers? Consider the fact that under head coach Hue Jackson

the winless Browns will be in line for a Top 10 draft pick come April as the club has now lost at least 11 games for the ninth time in 10 seasons.,Draft Talk: The misery continues for a franchise that just can’t get out of its own way regardless of what they try. Once again

even if you don’t play like it,NFL fashion playbook: Look like a million dollars

Prescott isn’t alone. The majority of the players in the league look dapper before and after games.

“I’ve got suits from Jay Lombardo and Thomas Marchitelli (from the Gentleman’s Playbook), I buy my suits from them and they tell me how I should wear it. Every now and then I’ll mix it up.”,” said Prescott. “Usually

Second-year Cowboys safety Kavon Frazier, brings an edge to the fashion game., the self-described best dressed player in the NFL

“I have to make a statement. I’m the best dressed NFL player. Every-game swag, sometimes I go flashy. I don’t think anyone switches it up as good as I do.,adidas Daniel Sedin jersey,” Frazier said. “Sometimes I go classy

Playing at home versus the road alters Frazier’s approach to his outfits.

“At home games, I bring out my best. On the road, we have to wear the suit longer,” Frazier said. “It’s still going to look good.”,adidas Ryan Miller jersey, so sometimes I have to go more for comfort

Who is Frazier’s competition around the league or in the Cowboys’ locker room?

“In the league, probably Cam Newton. He’s probably up there. He does have the hats. I don’t think he’s close to me, Orlando (Scandrick) or Terrance Williams. They both have a little swag. I’m still No. 1.”,adidas Henrik Sedin jersey,” Frazier said. “In the locker room

Football is a game. Pro football is a business and there’s something to be said for dressing for success.

” said Jay Lombardo of Lombardo Custom Apparel in Dallas. “It creates images for them. They’re bigger than life. It’s important for them to have that consistency.”,“We understand that it’s important to their careers

the victim in a botched robbery attempt in Florida.,Washington defensive back Sean Taylor died 10 years ago today

rupturing an artery that led to significant blood loss. He was 24.,Taylor was shot in the upper thigh

Bills linebacker Lorenzo Alexander was a member of the Redskins that season and says Taylor was among the most talented teammates he has had in a long NFL career.

" Alexander told The Buffalo News' Tim Graham. "He was quiet off the field,adidas Bo Horvat jersey,"Sean was probably No. 1 or No. 2 on my list of the most talented guys I've ever been around, a great dude, played safety, and his work ethic matched his talent,adidas Alex Ovechkin jersey, great locker room presence. But he was fearless. He ran down on kickoffs, did anything you'd ask of him. He was the ultimate football player.

Like millions of Americans, I plan to watch football on TV on Thanksgiving – in my case, I’m turning off the TV.,adidas Braden Holtby jersey, the New York Giants versus the Washington Redskins. But if I see players protesting during the playing of our national anthem and disgracing our flag

Sports are supposed to be a healthy diversion, free of politics. They are designed to bring us all together – regardless of race, religion or political beliefs – not divide us. We admire and enjoy watching highly paid competitors because of their athletic skills – not their political beliefs., ethnicity

The ancient Greeks used the Olympic Games to bring diverse city-states together. In 1896 the first modern Olympic Games were held in Athens to do this for the world.

"He was becoming the face of the franchise, but you could see the changes in his maturity. He was a brother you went to battle with., one of the best players in the league. He had some troubles

it hit our team hard. We were actually able to rally around him and eventually make the playoffs. It brought us together.","When he died

Alexander said Taylor's impact on him extended beyond being a teammate.

"His death made me take a look at my own life and the legacy I wanted to leave, not only on the field, but in the community, with a family," he said. "We were the same age, and he was no longer alive.

wasn't living right,"At that time I was living a different life, 'Man, doing crazy stuff, if I die today, wasn't really a Christian, living the typical athlete's life. It hit me that, I've made no positive impact on anybody's life besides mine.' I just started working on myself as far as what a man is."

of all days,But now we have athletes in the National Football League refusing to stand for “The Star-Spangled Banner” and we are supposed to applaud them for it? On Thanksgiving, they should be giving thanks for their ability to make more money in one season than many Americans make in a lifetime of work.

The NFL players who think they are doing a moral and courageous thing by taking a knee during the national anthem should be ashamed of what they are destroying. They are showing up to a peaceful celebration of American values and stepping all over it.

There is a place for athletes to protest on their own time. They can command media attention if they stage an event or hold a news conference on non-playing days. They can be interviewed on TV,Authentic Daniel Sedin jersey, radio or by publications. They can write op-eds. They make enough money to buy ads to run in any media organization they desire. And they can donate some of their big salaries to any advocacy group they want.

while we were being paid to do work?,But players should not be protesting while they are being paid to work (even though we call their work “play”). How many of us would still have jobs if we held protest demonstrations at our workplaces

protests should not occur at a place where Americans of every background and a broad range of political beliefs come together to cheer or jeer at teams in contests of athletic skill.,More importantly

Protesting the American flag at a game is an insult to the men and women in our armed forces who have risked their lives – and in some cases died – bravely fighting for our freedoms.

It is an insult to the coming together that happened in Plymouth,Authentic Ryan Miller jersey, Mass., in 1621 on the first Thanksgiving.

It is an insult to the many struggles black athletes have waged against the evil of racism to win their American and God-given rights.

to protest the racist and anti-Semitic rule of the Nazis at a time when African-Americans were discriminated against at home as well.,It is as if the protesting NFL players have learned nothing from Jesse Owens’ 1936 appearance at the Berlin Olympics. Even some at the NAACP wanted the immensely talented black athlete to decline to compete in the games

but absurd.,Authentic Henrik Sedin jersey,Owens went anyway and ran and jumped right through racism. He won four gold medals in track and field events and broke two Olympic records. He became famous around the world. He showed that the concept of white supremacy was not only evil

So now we have three NFL games scheduled for Thanksgiving Day. These games are on to draw an audience that has been leaving the NFL because the league has been abandoning them and their values.

Many in this audience, if they do tune in during this holiday, will be sitting on couches in living rooms across America with relatives of many different political affiliations. There will be a smell of roasting turkey and baking pies in the air as generations gather in celebration of family on a national holiday that once brought Native Americans and Pilgrims together.

achieved when he reached an agreement Saturday to take over at UCLA.,Chip Kelly’s time as an NFL coach presumably ended with his return to the college ranks

Steve Spurrier,Authentic Bo Horvat jersey,Kelly’s 28-35 record in four seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers means he will be remembered as a failed NFL coach. He takes his place alongside Lou Holtz, Nick Saban and others among the highly successful college coaches who could not make it work on Sundays. But in truth, Kelly was a not-half-bad coach. Instead, he was a terrible NFL general manager.

but the Midshipmen’s snazzy alternate uniforms for the occasion will honor the pilots from the Navy’s premier flight demonstration team,Authentic Alex Ovechkin jersey,The 118th Army-Navy Game will be won or lost on the ground Dec. 9 in Philadelphia, the Blue Angels. The hand-painted helmets, which feature six F/A-18 Hornets in delta formation and chrome face masks to mimic the visors worn by Blue Angels pilots, are especially sharp.

this tribute to the Blue Angels reflects the enthusiastic pride and appreciation we have for the Navy’s premier flying team and the motivation they convey to Navy football.,Authentic Braden Holtby jersey,“Although the uniform departs from our customary characteristics

On if he thought offense would average 16 points per game this season:

I didn't think that.","No

On why he thinks the offense is struggling:

we've lost a lot of players. We're missing our three starting receivers for a lot of the season. We're getting some new guys in and they're doing some good things. We're missing some linemen. We're missing some key players on offense and it's just tough to catch up and make up some of those plays from the playmakers that we lost.","Well

On if losing tires him out emotionally:

yeah,"Yeah,Authentic T. J. Oshie jersey, it definitely does. It's no fun losing. It's no fun not scoring. Not enough points offensively. Yeah, it can wear you out. It can test you, but you've got to keep going to the drawing board and find ways to play better and move the ball and score some points."

On if he takes the loss personally:

"I think everyone takes in personally. When you lose a football game, you feel bad. You always think about plays you could have made, made a difference. It's tough."

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12-04-2017, 01:36 PM
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RE: Report: Janoris Jenkins could be facing season-ending injury
(11-28-2017 06:29 PM)aliciahuang Wrote:  Giants cornerback Janoris Jenkins, could be shut down [url=]équipement photovoltaïque[/url] and undergo ankle surgery., who has played the past two months with a debilitating ankle injury that has limited his ability to cut and change direction
It should also know that a tan is really a handicap so do not go to cauloir for that!

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