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12-18-2017, 09:33 PM
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1. Repair the photosensitive drum with a chemical reagent

Laser printer used for a long time, the output of the text, the image will be blurred, the end of gray and increase the length of the word, etc., the reason is generally photosensitive drum surface film photosensitive characteristics of aging, surface potential decline, the residual voltage caused by The Encountered this situation, it is generally believed that only the replacement of the photosensitive drum. In fact, the practice of maintenance tells us that in this case, you can also use the following methods to repair: to the chemical reagent store to buy some chromium oxide, each taking 3-5 grams, with a direct dipped in cotton Two chrome, along the direction of the drum shaft, gently, evenly, without missing to wipe it again. Wipe carefully to avoid nails and other hard objects will be photographed drum scratches. It can not be too heavy force to prevent the photosensitive drum film worn so that the canon printer cartridges scrapped. In this way, the fatigue of the photosensitive drum surface layer can be removed, revealing the aging surface has not yet aging, by the above-mentioned photosensitive drum, in general, can re-output more than two thousand sheets of paper, so that the life of the brother tn 660 to continue, may wish to A try But if the photosensitive drum photosensitive film has been off, you can not use this method to repair, only the replacement of the new drum. In addition, in order to prevent the photosensitive drum photosensitive material fatigue, if the conditions of the user can use two drums to use, will not use the drum with black paper wrapped in a cool place, after a period of recovery and then let it Work, so take turns using the drum, not only to ensure print quality, but also extend the life of the drum.

2. Extending the life of the drum with sunlight The Epson series of laser printers have excellent print performance and convenient operating performance, and there are quite a number of users in the community. But because of its more expensive supplies and the use of the cartridge is very easy to fatigue, when its fatigue, the drum surface can not be discharged, the print media will leave a "heavy" background, a direct impact on the printing.

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