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Safewow New Year gift:buy eu wow gold with 3x reward points
01-10-2018, 12:49 PM
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Safewow New Year gift:buy eu wow gold with 3x reward points
DotA 2 safe wow gold
is a multiplayer online battle arena video game. It's the sequel to the
Defense of the Ancients (DotA) Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and
Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne mod, but it's completely possible to
play and enjoy DotA 2 on its own without having played the other games.
You play DotA 2 in matches. Two teams of five players each defend a
corner of the map and face off against each other. Each stronghold has a
building called the "Ancient," which the other team tries to destroy.
Players control a "hero" character and work to level up, collect gold,
acquire items, and fight against the other team.

Below is a list of the best support heroes, in my experience. Each
hero offers certain strategies in these three areas: strength, agility,
and intelligence.

Lich is probably one of the easiest supports to play, since he can
handle a lot of magical damage and doesn't require much management. Late
game wise, he can provide a huge boost in armor to allies, thus making
him a versatile pick.

Lich excels at lane support. He can deny ally creeps (Sacrifice)
while providing experience points (exp) for your team. Not only this, he
can harass freely (Frost Blade) without worrying too much. With a well
timed Chain Frost, Lich can turn the tide in a team fight, plus it's an
awesome feeling watching your enemies die from your bouncing beach ball!

Tips for LichThe skill description of Frost Blast (W) can be a bit
confusing. It essentially deals 125/200/275/350 damage to the main
target and 75/100/125/150 to those around the target. This is a REALLY
strong spell.

Get Sacrifice (E) at level one and use it on a creep when the waves
start spawning. This effectively denies your enemies exp and helps
protect your lane from being pushed out.

Spamming Frost Blast and Sacrifice are very effective during laning.
Be careful not to hit the creeps with Frost Blast because you will push
the lane.

Don't be afraid to use Chain Frost during the early game. It doesn't
really matter if it only bounces once or twice, as long as your team
gets the kills.

Once you start getting into big team fights, try to save your Chain
Frost for when the fight has STARTED. This means that the enemy is
committed to the fight, hence your bounces have a higher chance of

Tips for Crystal MaidenCrystal Nova (Q) is a large area of effect
nuke that also slows your enemies. You can hit enemies from 1,100 units
away (700 casting range + 400 radius).

Frostbite's (W) 10 second duration on creeps can be used to earn
Crystal Maiden some spending cash in the jungle, either during roams or
while her carry's lane is uncontested.

Try to use Freezing Field ® in areas where you can manipulate
vision, such as high ground or trees. This will allow you to dish out
more damage while staying at a safe distance.

Crystal Maiden Guide A guide for how to use Crystal Maiden as a hero.

Tips for Shadow DemonStacking Shadow Poison (E) can deal up to 520
damage, so stacking poison in team fights can be lethal. It is also
great for farming due to low cooldown and mana cost.

Learn when and how to use your disruption. Watch guides and pro games.

Make sure you use Soul Catcher (W) when an enemy is isolated. If they
are not isolated, try to position the AOE so that the enemy is at the
outer radius. Soul Catcher works while an enemy is Disrupted (Q). So a
common combo is to Disrupt then follow up with Soul Catcher.

Don't be afraid to use Demonic Purge ® in every fight. It has short
cooldown, low mana cost, and huge range. Also, Demonic Purge goes
through magic immunity.

It's up for debate, but I consider Wisp the best support hero of DotA
2. It possesses every ability to boost your ally heroes' potential,
which is one of the many reasons why Wisp was one of the most picked and
banned heroes on the International 3 (TI3).

Wisp's purpose is to assist its team through his movement speed boost
(Tether), nuke damage (Spirits), and bonus attack speed and damage
reduction (Overcharge). But Wisp's true power lies in the synergy
between its ultimate, Relocate, and Tether. This skill can turn any ally
into a global ganking machine. It makes Wisp very strong when coupled
with allied carries during the game's early to mid stages.

Tips for WispCommunication and planning is a MUST when playing Wisp.
Always tell your teammate what you are planning to do. Example: "Tether
to gank top."

Always be Tethered (Q) to someone during ganks and team fights. The
bonus speed and potential stun is amazing, in addition to the extra
health regen.

Once you hit level six, always keep an eye out for potential ganks. This should be your time to shine.

Summon your spirits before you Relocate ®. This will save you time and maximize your damage potential.

During team fights, try to use your Overcharge (E) with tether on
ally carries. This will boost their DPS and help them survive in team

Any heals applied to Wisp will also apply to a Tethered ally. This
makes Mekansm, Urn, or any healing items amazing on Wisp, as the healing
effect pretty much doubles.

UPDATE: After the nerf from the 6.79 patch, Wisp isn't as great as it used to be. It's still a good pick, however.

Visage is one of those heroes that are only average if played
incorrectly but extremely powerful if mastered. He can be quite tanky
and also has a strong nuke and slow, but these spells are quite mediocre
compared to other supports.

What stands out with Visage is his Ultimate, Summon Familiars. If you
have not played an RTS game before, you will find controlling these to
be VERY difficult. But these little guys are SO VERSATILE (if controlled
correctly). They can be used to push, gank, farm, scout, and most
importantly, for team fighting.

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