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FF14 Aphrodisiac Inflammation Simple Invasion of God
02-01-2018, 05:49 PM
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FF14 Aphrodisiac Inflammation Simple Invasion of God
FF14 Small ruffian likes to play a copy of my favorite copy, Yang God can be said, BOSS skills are very simple, especially in this nanny, a cool scholar can do too simple no need to take a copy, because it Not You can share the scene of my scholar here.

P1 stage:

First, during the DPS station, a T-station lined up by two nurses is pulling the boss. This time, BOSS randomly sent a roar of a nurse burning DEBUFF, and then assigned a good spot and online points. This DEBUFF is where Ein God most needs attention. This was not harmful to the nanny itself, but it brought a lot of energy to the nurse and hurt 2000 teammates. As long as the nurses stand on both sides of the venue, as long as the DPS I am not hurt, basically no problem. DPS's attention stood BOSS focus station output. When BOSS erupts on a volcano, make sure all the DPS is out. (At this point, you can not sprint to avoid killing your teammates, you can not go to a nanny.)

Stage P2:

If the first wedge (fire four-column) to cast the second phase of hell, there is a nearby nurse roar of the pillars have been cleared away from the remote BOSS, others are the pillars were destroyed, the other pillars Another reason is that when destroyed a certain full-screen damage When, nanny pay attention to read group therapy. After all, all the lines have been destroyed, the boss voted full-screen flight skills, scholars pay attention to open the cover, the white devil pay attention to carry blood. The boss introduced a continuation of Xiaobian approach, it will project full-screen delay lag is a key task on how to hide the entire screen. The three points in venue ABC are scheduled for 6:00 pm, respectively ABC 3 points, open your groups marked as 12 o'clock and 2:00 respectively, before the first flight after the BOSS is pulled A point. Point hide Yan main location full screen, the corresponding 4:00 hide the first Yanzhu position. At this point 4 should be hot, others should avoid point A, and then follow the second flight to point B.

After the complete Flame of Fire column throws, the BOSS gets a crimson whirlwind, and all team members should be united to avoid hot air outside of the nurse clockwise. Opposite to the roar of the nurse, avoid the small suggestion that nurses and eating still difficult different blood will drop to encourage good morning stone skin location, place somewhere around 2 or more in addition to profit to prevent running.

P3 stage:

Increase the attention of the P3 stage team to clear the fire column, the same tactics, when you cast into the second BOSS of the hedgehog (Fire 8 Poster), your DPS fire column needs to be cleaned up. BOSS will kick the pillar of fire, flying skills are repeated after the stage P1, listed in the roaring nurse clock position about 6, in order to avoid it, must play a role in the full screen of the inflammation B brilliant point. In order to avoid nanny crimson whirlwind, or in accordance with the original way to contraception, may be difficult to eat.

P4 stage:

When BOSS cast a third hell, hell has entered the P4 stage, this is the highest stage from this stage. At this moment the flames of the Witch's Fire are 16 and cast 3 layers of LB. At this point, a large wedge of hell, the small series are hell to clear the blood of the last Wedge's huge wedges to fill the huge wedge Blast hell wedge LB is because, nanny recommended blood to clear the damage is very high, so there is no significant reduction. There is no remaining basic difficulty. You can also reduce BOSS random 2T or DPS release hell lock, reducing the damage connected to 2 players. Remember to finally unplug the boss, avoid the roar of the nurse behind C, to avoid the glory of this row of hair.

Mission Analysis:

1. DPS can not avoid the outbreak of ground fire.

There are athletes running around, enthusiasm is boasting nurses.

3. You did not get into ABC at 3 o'clock in order to avoid glowing areas of inflammation.

I turned off the team that installed four wedges that might not impact the hedge.

Summary: Extreme (more informations about Buy FF14 Gil ) inflammation is much easier for a very simple Titan, but you do not have to go too far and escape some point-based group that can be easily removed, but DPS's high demand. In addition, thanks to the need for nanny awareness, Nabio's operation after baptism greatly improved.

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