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How Long Are You Going To Live And Do You Care About Any Life Expectancy Gap
06-15-2018, 10:30 AM
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How Long Are You Going To Live And Do You Care About Any Life Expectancy Gap
I want to live for a very long time! I like to think I am a man of my word and I promised my grandson that I would be at his 50th birthday party Cheap Cigarettes For Sale Online, which will be when I am one hundred years old.

Living a long and healthy life has always been among my ambitions. As a teenager I remember proclaiming my intention to be still riding a motor cycle in my nineties.

I guess this attitude is one of the reasons I take particular notice when there is news about where, why and how some people live longer than others do.

There is no doubt at all that where you are born and live has a significant impact on life expectancy. Sometimes it is obvious, where war or famine are concerned. But as a member of society in the 'developed' western world, it came as a huge surprise to me to learn the latest figures on differences in average life spans just within the UK Duty Free Marlboro Cigarettes.

At its extreme, a male from the south of England can, on average, look forward to thirteen and a half more years of life than can a similar male born and raised in Scotland.

It does not take a genius with a calculator to work out what huge percentage extra that represents. Whenever I learn statistics like these, I want to find out how and why they might apply to me and what can I do to put myself on the right side of the equation.

Of course, the length of your life does not in itself say anything about its quality, but I believe that the more you have of it, the more chance you have to make your quality of life exactly what you want it to be.

How many people discover just how wonderful and precious life can be, when they are in the situation of finding out that they might not have long left? There are many dramatic and life affirming stories of those who have made significant contributions, fuelled by knowing that their time was limited.

It has always been my intention to learn from these examples and make my own life as full and positive as possible, without knowing how long might be still left for me.

Having lived with this outlook (thanks mainly to the example I was set by my parents) Newport Cigarettes For Sale, it has always puzzled me why so many people appear to deliberately and consciously place themselves very obviously on the 'wrong' side of living either long or healthy lives.

I refer specifically to those people we see every day, who are either smoking cigarettes or vastly overweight, sometimes even both.

The only conclusion I have reached so far is that all of these people must consider themselves victims of circumstances outside their own control Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes. Who on earth would consciously control their lives with ugly, flabby, wheezing unfit bodies?

The statistics can give us all some clues, but what we do will have far more effect than where we are born and raised.

For some time now, I have had a particular interest in addressing people who wish to change their habits related to weight and smoking.

There is help and support for those who wish to either control their weight Cigarettes Online Free Shipping, or to find a way to stop smoking. For those who make a determined effort to do either or both, I wish the very best of luck and a life as long and healthy as you want.
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