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cree led torch
04-14-2014, 07:01 PM
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cree led torch
Efficient: These lights are known to be ten
times more efficient than the fluorescent lamps. As it hardly generates any
heat, the entire energy is converted into light.

Seldom breaks: Unlike the ordinary lights
LED Light which are made of glass, these bulbs are made of
plastic so it hardly cracks or breaks. This reduces maintenance costs as it
seldom requires replacements.

Pollution: Ordinary streetlights are known
to emit traces of poisonous gas into the atmosphere but the Light Emitting
Diode bulbs are environment friendly as it is made of diodes.

These amazing features will help you know
more about the LED light. It is the ideal choice to get comfortable light and
protect our environment and save energy at the same time.

Energy efficiency is an imperative part of
the initiative toward a greener and more stable environment. Many households
and businesses have made the switch to LED (light-emitting diode) light bulbs
to decrease their energy LED Flashlight use and monthly electrical costs. High quality LED light bulbs
have an average life expectancy of 50,000 hours, while the life expectancy of
an incandescent bulb is only about 1,200 hours and compact florescent (CFL)
bulbs last for about 8,000 hours.

Why people welcome LED light as the most
common light fixture in their daily life, let’s find it out.

High luminous efficiency: incandescent,
halogen light efficiency is 12-24lm / w (lm / W), fluorescent is 50-70lm / w;
sodium lamp luminous efficiency is 90-140lm / w, all of which turn large part
of the power into heat loss. The LED luminous efficiency can be achieved
50-200lm / w after improved and the light color is good, narrow spectrum, can
be sent directly without filtering colored visible light.

LED's operating voltage is low: normal LED
<mybb-bad-sm> operating current is only 10mA,even those of high brightness is
just 1A.The LED does not add the "Mercury" and need be inflated in
the production process, it has no glass shell, impact resistance, shock
resistance, unbreakable, easy to transport, very green, known as the
"green energy."

You can better control the consists of
emission spectrum: enabling well for part or accent lighting in Museum and
Exhibition. Such as the LED <mybb-bad-sm> Flood
light because of wide and bright light can be well applied in museums, stadiums
and other large decorative lighting and scene lighting.

These attractive features should be the
reason why the LED light is the most popular lighting both in house and office
using. If you think the price is too high to afford, you are wrong now. Indeed,
in the past years, the price of LED light is much higher
<mybb-bad-sm> than the
incandescent light because of the limitation of technology. But now, the LED
tech has a great development, now, the price is much lower. anty881209wong 140414

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